Gloucestershire Grassland Meeting

Gloucestershire Grassland Meeting

Herbal Leys: the first 200 years
Ian Wilkinson, Cotswold Seeds

Whitminster Inn, Whitminster (GL2 7NY), on the A38 - 7.30pm for 8pm start. 

The history, benefits and enduring popularity of herbal grazing leys, from Arthur Young to Robert Elliot to how modern farmers are using herbal leys as low cost, resilient drought resistant leys that fix N, act as natural anthelmintics and boost soil fertility. The talk will include practical advice, some from Honeydale (our experimental farm) on sowing and establishment, including where they should and shouldn't be used, how to manage and graze them, where they fit in the rotation and how to construct the most effective mixtures of plants. 

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Secretary: Charlotte Bullock, T: 01666 577757


Event Date: Wed, 11/01/2017
Event Time: 7.30pm


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