Abbey Park Road Disruptions

Abbey Park Road Disruptions

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Due to the Plantworx event for the construction industry taking place from 14 – 16th May, please expect road disruptions and limited road closures accessing Abbey Park.

All traffic associated with the build up is being directed to their site along the B4113 from Bericote Lane, thus avoiding both Stareton Lane and Stoneleigh village. Visitor traffic for the event, however, will be directed along Stareton Lane from the north and onto the B4113 before being directed into Hare’s Parlour to the Leamington side of the car park. During the event itself, it may necessitate limited closure of Stareton Lane dependant on visitor numbers per day, in order to ensure continual traffic flow. After the event closes, the breakdown traffic will again be directed to and from the site along the B4113.

If you have any questions about their event please contact their organisers office on 02082 534507 or their event manager Andrew Wainwright on 02476 858308.


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