AHDB Dairy grants offered to attend accredited events

AHDB Dairy grants offered to attend accredited events

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

AHDB Dairy is offering a number of grants towards attending a selection of Dairy Pro-accredited conferences over the next few months. The orginal news item can be found at http://www.dairypro.co.uk/news?article_id=87052575-4c8e-476f-bb91-783155c75c61 stating that the grants are "aimed at encouraging the profitable growth and development of dairy farming in Great Britain". 

It continues:

Conferences are a great way to learn something new, expand your knowledge and network with likeminded individuals. Learnings can be brought back and shared on farm to encourage innovative practice and lead to the profitable growth of dairy farming. 

The next grants available are listed below:



Maximum no. of places offered

Maximum available grant amount

Positive Farmers Conference, Cork

         Jan 11 - 12, 2017



Semex Conference, Glasgow

         Jan 15 -17, 2017



Western Dairy Conference, Nevada

         Feb 28 – March 2, 2017



These events, which carry between 10 and 18 points for attending, are known for being thought-provoking and covering the very research and thought leadership form around the world.

Please note that the successful applicant will have to book his or her own place and make any arrangement for accommodation themselves. Any additional costs will be paid for by the successful applicant. The appropriate grant amount will be paid retrospectively on supply of evidence of attendance.

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of places offered, the most appropriate applicant will be chosen based on the information given in the application form, and if required, the referee. In the event of a competition for places an AHDB Dairy board member will oversee the selection of those receiving the grant.

Only levy payers, or those working in a levy paying business, are eligible to apply. For further information email Sarah Bolt.. To apply for a grant please complete and return the application form which is also available from Sarah. The closing date for all applications is Friday 9 December, 2016.


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