ATP - Upcoming Training Events

ATP - Upcoming Training Events

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

 Advanced Training Partnership - Sustainable & Efficient Food Production


Training and Education for Pasture-based Agriculture

This Advanced Training Partnership provides a unique training opportunity for professionals working with and within the extensive beef, sheep and dairy supply chains which allows them to access the latest relevant research from IBERS  - Aberystwyth University, Bangor University and NIAB-TAG, in a format most suited to their needs. Training comprises workshops and post graduate distance learning 

Upcoming training courses:

1. Agriculture and Society  - looks at the ever-changing dynamics between producers and consumers

6th & 7th March at Bangor University

2. Ruminant Gut Microbiology – understand the links between: Nutrition-Fermentation-Productivity

- 13th & 14th March at Aberystwyth University

3. Resource Efficient Farm Management, - a systems approach to ‘better farm management’

- 20th & 21st March in Wrexham

4. Genetics and Genomics in Agriculture – Understanding the potential of crop and livestock breeding programmes

- 27th & 28th March – Cambridge


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