Beef Feed Efficiency programme - Limousin sired calves required

Beef Feed Efficiency programme - Limousin sired calves required

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Beef Feed Efficiency Programme requires Limousin sired calves

The ability to select cattle that eat less than others, but grow at the same rate offers tremendous opportunities to cut the cost of production across the UK beef industry.  The Beef Feed Efficiency Programme aims to demonstrate the ability to measure and select for feed efficiency traits in beef cattle on specially equipped commercial farms.  Whilst the programme is targeting Limousin bred cattle initially, its ambition is to establish a system for recording feed efficiency that can be extended to other cattle breeds in the future.     

The programme team is looking to purchase, or acquire on a retained ownership arrangement, Limousin or Limousin-cross steer calves, from dairy or beef dams.   Suitable calves will:

  • originate from a farm that is able to supply 8-16 steer calves from the same, currently (or previously) registered Limousin bull/AI sire
  • be aged from 2 weeks up to approximately 7 months old

Market prices will be paid for any selected cattle. For more information please contact Natalie Cormack on 07866 934563 / 01890 781006 or email

The programme is funded by DEFRA and AHDB.


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