Beneath our Feet and the Real Beef about Meat

Beneath our Feet and the Real Beef about Meat

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Have you ever asked yourself: ‘Can livestock be farmed in an environmentally friendly way, or is meat good for us to eat?’ If the answers are yes, then a trip to ‘The Real Beef about Meat’ exhibit is a must. Here you will find innovations and insight from on-going UK research, which asks whether livestock production can make a positive contribution to both environmental and human health.


Rothamsted Research, in collaboration with the University of Bristol, University of Exeter and University of Reading, is delighted to present an exhibit entitled ‘The Real Beef about Meat’ at the 2015 Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London, which runs from Tuesday 30th June to Sunday 5th July.


In answer to the question, ‘can livestock be farmed in an environmentally friendly way?’ leading UK research scientists will be on hand to present the ongoing research at the world’s first ‘model farm’, Rothamsted Research’s North Wyke Farm Platform. The Farm Platform is a BBRSC-funded National Capability, meaning it is a long-term resource which is to benefit the scientific community at large. It is also a part of the Global Farm Platform, led by the University of Bristol, which aims to optimise grazing livestock production systems internationally.


Located at Okehampton, Devon, the Farm Platform has been divided into three different experimental grazing farmlets (each with 5 fields) of permanent pasture, grass and clover or new grass varieties. Each of the different farmlets is grazed by its own livestock herd, from which animal productivity (the meat per hectare); the quality of meat (the nutrients per hectare); the health of the animals, the gas emissions; and water and soil inputs and outputs is measured and compared with each other.


If you would like to see the site for yourself, and find out more about the research and trials underway there you can join BGS and Rothamsted Research for a tour of the Farm Platform on Thursday 16th July


Find out more and how to register  for the free event by clicking here



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