Best Fodder Beet Varieties Worth £160/ha

Best Fodder Beet Varieties Worth £160/ha

Sunday, January 17, 2010

An extra 1.2t/ha of DM yield, providing energy worth an extra £160/ha is possible by selecting the best fodder beet varieties, according to Martin Titley of Limagrain UK. The company's trials spanning 10 years showed  Robbos and Blizzard produced this much extra yield than another commonly grown variety.   

"There is no national list or independent trials programme for fodder beet in the UK, so Limagrain carry out a variety trial each year to provide performance data from which farmers can evaluate which varieties are best to grow," says Mr Titley.

"Fodder beet has risen in popularity over the past two years: it is an excellent feed ingredient to balance high starch rations as it is high in sugars, it is also very palatable."

More information on variety selection and tips on growing fodder beet are available in the Profit from Forage booklet produced by Limagrain UK (01522 861300 or )


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