BGS asked to add representative to Scottish Grass Levy Scheme committee

BGS asked to add representative to Scottish Grass Levy Scheme committee

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Scottish Grass Levy Scheme was initiated in 1990 to provide financial support to ensure continuation of the independent SAC Recommended List of Grasses and Clovers. It is run independently of the scheme for England & Wales and the scheme for Northern Ireland.  

Noting BGS's recent support for the scheme in England and Wales, BGS was pleased to be asked if the Scottish Regional Representative on BGS council would join the Scottish Levy Seed Committee so a link could be maintained.   "The new link with local and national Grassland Societies provided by the addition to the committee of the BGS regional representative is widely welcomed," says SAC's John Weddell.  

The first BGS representative on the committee will be Michael Shannon.   The voluntary scheme in Scotland involves participating merchants collecting a levy (currently 2.8p/kg, or around £1/ha) on herbage seed sold to farmers. This funding is used for Recommended List field trialing of herbage varieties at Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Ayr sites, augmenting the data provided by the UK National List trials which are funded by BSPB and Scottish Government.   Widely supported by the agricultural industry in Scotland, over 90% of the herbage seed sold in Scotland is levied through the scheme. Administered by SAC, the scheme is overseen by a committee comprising representatives from the seed trade organisations SSTA and AIC together with NFUS, SASA and SAC. The chairman, representing farmers' interests, is from NFUS.


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