BGS Nutrient Wise Demos visits

BGS Nutrient Wise Demos visits

Friday, June 25, 2010

This week BGS and the Creedy Associates team hosted 64 visitors at the BGS Nutrient Wise Demos site in Devon (with our desired 15-25 people in each group to allow everyone to be involved in discussions). The visitors were able to see demo plots on manure application methods and introduction of clover into existing swards.

The manure plots showed the effect of post silage applications of broiler litter, farm yard manure, slurry applied with a splash plate, trailing shoe and injector and two plots which had the same nutrients applied as bagged fertilizer. We discussed the pros, cons and costs of each treatment.

Clover had been sown into an existing sward twice last summer, with the first attempt by all four methods failing completely. Visitors were able to assess for themselves our success and the costs of each treatment and other options were discussed.



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