Mixing clovers boosts yields

Mixing clovers boosts yields

Friday, October 22, 2010

A mixture including both red and white clover with perennial ryegrass has out-yielded mixtures with just white clover and ryegrass, even more than in 2009, at Barenbrug's research site in Worcestershire.

The mix of BARForage Combi with Ensign Duet forage mixture produced 40% more than the conventional Combi mixture with Ensign white in 2010, according to Barenbrug agricultural manager David Long.

"The inclusion of Lemmon red clover, as part of Duet in the sward, is making such a significant difference," he says. "This can partly be explained this year by the dry summer conditions, as red clover, a deep-rooted species, is more able to access any available moisture. But it also demonstrates the ability of red clover to contribute to the total performance of the sward, especially in the second half of the year.

"This advantage was perfectly illustrated when the cut taken on 27 August resulted in Combi with Ensign Duet producing over 90% more forage than Combi with Ensign."

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