Demo Farm Open Meeting Cheshire

Demo Farm Open Meeting Cheshire

Thursday, May 16, 2013

On the 10th of July, BGS and DairyCo will be bringing you a visit to one of our demonstration farms, Ray Brown's dairy unit in Cheshire. 

The day comes out of the Research Partnership, Demonstrating Research into Practice which is taking raw research and demonstrating it in on farm situations.

Ray Brown has been working with BGS and DairyCo to create to on farm demonstrations. First of all he has been working a trail which looks at methods of slurry utilisation which involved different methods of slurry application and recording the grass growth following on from this. Ray also has been working on methods of alleviating soil compaction through use of different types of machinery.

On the day we will hear from Chris Duller, soil and grassland management consultant, and George Fisher, nutrient and soil management expert.

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