EU funding measures to support farmers

EU funding measures to support farmers

Monday, December 5, 2016

As a response to ongoing market difficulties, The European Commission has presented a new package of measures to support farmers, particularly in the dairy market. An ‘exceptional adjustment scheme’ is one such measure, and the UK has been allocated €30m for economic sustainability, market stabilisation and improvement of longer-term structural problems.

England will receive €18.7m as a share of this allocation and Defra are writing to explain their initial ideas and consult with stakeholders on proposals on the best ways to use these funds to support farmers. The Devolved Administrations will develop their own approach for their allocation of funding.

The funding, provided under the EU Exceptional Adjustment Aid, will enable livestock farmers, including milk producers, to apply for assistance to incentivise the humane destruction of BVD Persistently Infected (PI) calves within four weeks of an initial BVD test; improve pig meat quality; manage soils and nutrients more effectively; and receive training in business planning and risk management.

The detail of the schemes has yet to be finalised and legislation will be required to bring some of them into operation. Further details of the schemes and how to apply for support will be announced in the New Year.

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