Extra fodder beet yields achievable

Extra fodder beet yields achievable

Monday, February 20, 2012

Fodder beet has risen in popularity over the past two years, says Limagrain's Martin Titley.

"Farmers are recognising it is an excellent feed ingredient to balance high starch rations such as maize, as it is high in sugars. It is also extremely palatable.

To support growers, Limagrain UK tested 17 different varieties of fodder beet in 2011. The results show the varieties Blizzard and Robbos produced an extra 0.8t/ha and 0.5t/ha of dry matter yield, respectively, compared to a control variety.

"This extra dry matter yield is worth £98/ha for Blizzard and £61/ha for Robbos, using the relative value of fodder beet at £122 of dry matter," says Martin.


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