Farmers in Teifi catchment and Wales - project help needed

Farmers in Teifi catchment and Wales - project help needed

Friday, August 3, 2018

A research project focusing on the Teifi catchment in Wales needs volunteer farmers in the area and wider in Wales to test a prototype of the pesticide ruoff risk assessment tool they have created (reported in a membrs' newsletter last year). 

ALL grassland farmers, agro-chemical advisers/agronomists and spraying contractors in Wales are welcome to take part and provide critical information that is essential to the project team and will be used to refine the prototype tool before extending this project to cover a broader range of applications for the whole of the UK. The plan is also to make the tool available as an app.

The trial period runs from the end of July to end of September 2018 and volunteers will be asked to complete two tasks:

  1. Test the live online tool prototype
    This tool requires NO data to be tested. People simply need to follow the link provided to the tool which will open in their favourite browser. Moreover, this URL has no ‘tracking’ either if anybody has any concerns about that.
  2. Answer a short survey [15-20 min max]
    After testing the tool, volunteers are asked to complete a short survey questionnaire to capture their current runoff risks management and their feedback on the tool.
You can sign up to the trial here
A flyer about the project, in English and Welsh, is available here


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