Farming Charities Unite to help the Industry

Farming Charities Unite to help the Industry

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

RSABI from Scotland has joined forces with the three main farming charities in England and Wales under the 'Farming Help' banner.

RSABI will now work even closer with the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (R.A.B.I), the Addington Fund and the Farming Community Network (FCN).

Each charity offers a diverse range of complementary support to people from the agricultural world. Getting people to the right place is not always easy, but now those seeking help can call a single telephone number, 03000 111 999 and be quickly referred to the organisation that best serves their needs.

RSABI is a Scottish charity providing confidential financial assistance and support to people who work in or have worked in land-based employment in Scotland, including agriculture, forestry, crofting and rural estate work. RSABI supports a significant number of people in hardship due to injury, illness or misfortune. Nina Clancy, RSABI CEO, said: "We are delighted to become part of the Farming Help group. Being part of Farming Help will make it easier for people to access assistance from RSABI, which is very important to us."

R.A.B.I provides help to farming people in financial need, focusing on England and Wales. In 2015, R.A.B.I gave out grants of around £1.9m and assisted around 2,000 families. R.A.B.I CEO Paul Burrows said: "It's impossible for farming people to prepare for all eventualities and sometimes something can appear from nowhere to tip you over the edge. The Farming Help charities exist to help you through such tough times."

The Addington Fund provides homes to rent through its Strategic Rural Housing Scheme. It supports farming families who have to leave their farms - and homes - due to circumstances beyond their control. In certain counties, Addington also has a small stock of affordable rural housing specifically for people in rural occupations who cannot afford to rent on the open market. "In times of emergency, and where there is evidence of hardship, Addington may also be able to support a farm business with a one-off grant through its Trustees' Discretionary Fund," added Ian Bell, Addington Fund CEO.

FCN is a Christian charity with more than 400 volunteers, providing practical and pastoral support to people in the farming community. FCN helps resolve issues relating to both the farm household and thefarm business, which may be causing anxiety and distress. Charles Smith, FCN CEO, said: "Farming can be an extremely volatile business with many factors linked to profitability beyond the direct control of the farmer. Our volunteers walk with clients for as long as it takes to resolve their issues, whatever they may be."

Charles continued: "The first step is to call the Farming Help number, which will be answered by someone from FCN. Rest assured, you will be guided to find the support you are looking for, with compassion and absolute confidentiality. Farmers are proud, independent people who often find it hard to ask for help, but if you are concerned about them please try to persuade them to call 03000 111 999 or contact us on their behalf." 

The news item above was released by the charities concerned on 12/07/2016


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