Fertiliser Investment Benefits Air and Water

Fertiliser Investment Benefits Air and Water

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A £15 million investment in has reduced discharges to both air and water, while increasing production capacity of ammonium nitrate fertiliser by over 80,000t a year to ensure production efficiencies needed to compete in its market, says GrowHow UK.

One of the most visible benefits is a significant reduction in the plume from the top of the ammonium nitrate tower, adds the company. This results from installing the largest single compartment process-air purification vessel of its type in the world. At the same time, a new washings recovery system ensures that effluent discharges to the Tees estuary are reduced.

Its UK plant at Portrack, Billingham is helping to meet the Environment Agency's goals for the Tees Valley. Speaking at the official opening of the new facilities, Rt Hon Lord Smith of Finsbury, Chairman of the Environment Agency said: "This project is an excellent example of how regulators and industry can work together for mutual benefit. At the Environment Agency, we have worked closely with GrowHow throughout this project.

"We believe that the result will be a significant contribution to environmental improvement: better air quality, continuing improvements in water quality, a return of increasing numbers of migratory fish such as sea trout and salmon to the area, and a greater business efficiency for the company too."


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