Four cuts from April reseed

Four cuts from April reseed

Monday, April 11, 2011

An April reseed last year still allowed four cuts of silage which have proved to be good quality on a Welsh farm, says forage seed company Barenbrug.  

Barrie Evans chose a mixture which included red and white clover. The mix Ensign Duet, combines Crusader, Alice and Barblanca white clovers with 66% Lemmon red clover for rapid nitrogen fixation for new leys, explains Barenbrug.

"I reseeded in April and took my first cut just six or seven weeks later," says Barrie. "It was brilliant quality - there wasn't a weed in the field. By October I'd taken a further three cuts."

The silage is fed to son James' pedigree Jersey cows, which produce 6,500 litres/cow. "The silage is proving very palatable with the herd, which milked very well over the winter. The silage had excellent protein at 16.5% and good dry matter content - there's not one figure that's weak."

Barenbrug's agricultural product manager David Long says that Barry will continue to benefit from this very high-yielding ley. "Red clovers establish and fix nitrogen better than white clovers in the first two years of a new sward, but lack the persistency of white clovers. And so by combining the two clover types, Ensign Duet feeds the sward effectively throughout its productive life; as the red clover starts to weaken, the white has developed strongly and spreads through the sward, and so is in the ideal position to replace it."

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