Free advice for rodent problems

Free advice for rodent problems

Friday, October 1, 2010

Rat experts from British rodenticide manufacturer PelGar International are offering to give free, practical advice to farmer groups on rat and mouse control this winter.

Half of all farm fires are caused by rodents gnawing electric cabling, and damage to feed stores and buildings on UK farms is estimated at £14-28 million a year, says PelGar's technical director Dr Jonathan Wade. Rat and mouse numbers are increasing annually and very few holdings are rodent-free. "Rodents are one of those problems that niggle and annoy farmers every winter - and never quite go away.

"Farmers don't have to put up with infestations - rats and mice can be controlled. But it does require a bit of 'rat knowledge' and an understanding of how they live and behave, before devising and carrying out a baiting programme to suit the particular situation."

The talks will take farmers through PelGar's 'Six Steps to Successful Rodent Control' from tidying up and rodent-proofing - to carrying out a site survey, choosing the right product and the right amount  to do the job, as well as baiting techniques.

There will also be discussions on responsible use with regards to wildlife and non-target species such as dogs and birds, and the opportunity to talk about specific problems on individual farms.

Groups of farmers who would like PelGar to come and talk to them about rodent control can contact PelGar's Nic Blaszkowicz on 01420 80744 or email for details.


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