Free maize growing guide

Free maize growing guide

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A maize growers' guide which gives technical advice to maximise crop success has been published by plant breeding company Limagrain UK.

It is said to includeinformation to help both first-time and more experienced maize growers to maximise the yields and quality of their maize crops. Sections focus on selecting the right maize variety, growing and harvesting the crop, growing maize under plastic, feeding maize silage, and also on maize for crimping and biogas production.

Limagrain's Tim Richmond explains: "Some growers have had disappointing results through not selecting the right varieties for their situation or purpose. And as earlier and earlier varieties are bred, there are always first time growers who would benefit from some clear advice on best practice in growing maize. The information in the LG Guide will ensure all growers can choose the correct LG variety and ultimately benefit from improved animal performance from including maize silage in rations."  

He adds: "Given the likely shortage of forage this spring, being able to grow a bumper crop of high quality maize will be a welcome opportunity to both boost forage stocks and improve livestock performance."

For a free copy of the 40-page A4 Maize Grower's Guide, farmers can contact their local LG maize distributor, or contact Limagrain UK direct on 01472 371471 or


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