Grass mixes offer more sugar

Grass mixes offer more sugar

Monday, February 21, 2011

Four mixtures made up exclusively of Aberystwyth-bred high sugar ryegrasses and white clover blends are included in the 2011 herbage seed mixtures range from British Seed Houses.

 The Aber HSG premium range comprises specialist cattle grazing and long term grazing options, plus a medium term cutting mixture and a fourth variation specifically for dairy farmers taking a first cut followed by aftermath grazing. British Seed Houses is also offering Puna II perennial chicory as an option in grazing mixtures and red clover in cutting mixtures.

"The ryegrass breeding programme at IBERS Aberystwyth University continues to produce outstanding varieties that combine yield with quality and are ideally suited to the UK climate," points out Paul Billings of British Seed Houses. "These varieties all feature strongly on the independently compiled NIAB/TAG and SAC recommended lists and are made available first in our Aber HSG premium mixtures. 

"In the past year we have introduced the intermediate heading perennial ryegrass AberFarrell and the late heading varieties AberBite and AberChoice. These now feature in the premium mixtures alongside more established high ranking perennials such as AberMagic, AberStar, AberAvon and AberDart and the hybrids AberEcho and AberEve.

"Now that we have such a broad range of high-performing varieties we are able to compile mixtures with the optimum heading date ranges for particular uses. This means mixtures are matched more accurately to farms' management systems and that ultimately means better use is made of the forage."

The booklet 'Aber Premium Mixtures 2011' can also be downloaded at The booklet includes financial comparisons between Aber HSG mixtures and the non-Aber equivalents, based on the performance potential of additional energy yield per hectare derived from independent D-value and dry matter yield data.


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