GrowHow sets out growth blueprint

GrowHow sets out growth blueprint

Friday, September 16, 2011

A booklet which demonstrates how moving away from 'a one size fits all approach' to fertiliser recommendations makes sense, especially with global demand keeping fertiliser prices high, is now available from GrowHow UK.

"Blueprint for Growth - Grass  is about looking carefully at the fertiliser options on an individual farm basis," explains GrowHow grassland specialist, Elaine Jewkes. "Action plans can then be developed to take into account the specific requirements of the management system."

The booklet outlines the principles of good grassland and forage nutrition and provides working examples of how different systems can make best use of fertilisers, together with manures.

"There is little point in applying fertiliser to grow forage that you don't need," says Elaine. "However where fertilisers are used effectively, the old rule of thumb that £1 spent on grassland fertiliser delivers £3 of feed value still holds good."

Whatever the production system, a well-managed sward will make a vital and cost-effective contribution to milk or meat production, she adds. "If you read any of the livestock press you will regularly see evidence that grass, and particularly grazed grass, is the cheapest feed on the farm. However, it is easy to forget that grass is also a quality feed that helps many dairy farmers to achieve 4,000 litres plus from forage."

What's more with customers increasingly asking their suppliers to make environmental improvements, it's good to know that all GrowHow Nitrogen fertilisers now come with a much smaller carbon footprint, says Elaine. "This is the result of significant investment in nitrous oxide abatement technology which has seen annual emissions reduced by around one million tonnes of CO2 equivalent."

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