IBERS launch new FarmGRAZE mobile grazing app

IBERS launch new FarmGRAZE mobile grazing app

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Grassland Development Centre at IBERS, Aberystwyth University have developed a new mobile phone application called FarmGRAZE. The app has been launched to help livestock producers improve grass efficiency and cut costs by calculating grazing availability.

Using the app allows producers to input field information by measuring the sward height in either cm's or kgDM/ha. Producers can then specify stock class, grazing systems and supplementary feed to accurately calculate grazing wedges and averages.

A free copy of the app is available to download from Google Play on Android phones, as well as an extended version of the software for £5.99, which allows users to export data to spreadsheets and set reminders to check grass height.


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