Important info for users of aminopyralid weed sprays

Important info for users of aminopyralid weed sprays

Friday, November 7, 2008

Grassland herbicide manufacturer Dow AgroSciences is running an information campaign this winter to ensure manure from animals fed forage treated with products based on aminopyralid, is used on ground destined for 'safe' crops such as grass, cereals and maize.  

"Since being launched in 2006, products such as Forefront, Pharaoh and more recently Banish, have proved extremely effective in controlling difficult weeds such as docks, ragwort and thistles," says Robin Bentley, Dow AgroSciences marketing specialist for grassland products.  

 "However, problems have occurred where treated manure has been applied to ground subsequently planted with sensitive crops such as potatoes and beans - both on farms and in gardens and allotments. All aminopyralid-containing products carry label warnings, advising about the appropriate use of resulting manure and slurry.  

"Our current advice is to only spread muck and slurry from treated grass onto pasture or land intended for grass, cereals or maize.  

"Farmers selling forage from treated pastures need to tell buyers about the restrictions that apply to any subsequent manure. If manure or slurry that may contain aminopyralid is sold or passed onto others, they must be made aware of the label restrictions."  

For more information visit  which provides detailed information on this issue.


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