Improved Grassland Management - new edition

Improved Grassland Management - new edition

Monday, October 17, 2011

Improved Grassland Management - New edition - by John Frame and Scott Laidlaw 

This new, fully updated and revised edition of Improved Grassland Management covers all aspects of grassland management and is of particular relevance to the UK and the Republic of Ireland, although the principles discussed apply to all temperate grassland zones.

Almost twenty years ago, when the original edition of this book was written by the late John Frame (BGS President 1989-1990), issues such as efficiency in the use of nutrients in manures, grassland biodiversity and greenhouse gas emissions from ruminant production were either nascent, or of no relevance to mainstream grassland farming. The intervening two decades have seen the introduction of water and, latterly, air quality directives by the EU, cross compliance, the single farm payment, and an ever-increasing need for grassland farmers to be conscious of the economics of their business. The present edition, which has been thoroughly revised by Scott Laidlaw (scientist at AFBI Northern Ireland), covers the full scope of modern grassland management.

Topics covered in this 350 page book, with 61 colour photographs, include:

  • Breeding and evaluation of new varieties of grass to meet current needs
  • New technology in establishing swards
  • Fertilizing and manuring practices and the underpinning science
  • Legislative constraints, background science and practice in determining forage quality and the utilization of forage either for grazing or silage
  • Feed budgeting, grassland biodiversity, grassland and climate change, and transferring knowledge and technology
  • Wide-ranging list of sources and references, which provides the reader with further detailed information

RRP: £25.00 available from for £20.00 plus post and packing.

The book will be reviewed in Grass and Forage Farmer in December 2011.


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