Improving clamp compaction with new kit

Improving clamp compaction with new kit

Friday, December 2, 2011

Farmers in the UK are currently achieving typical silage densities of 180 - 220kg of dry matter/cu metre, whereas their counterparts in some European countries are achieving densities of up to 320kg of dry matter/cu metre by using new compaction equipment, according to silage experts Kelvin Cave .

“These compaction improvements, which result in higher nutrient retention, better fermentation and utilisation of clamp space and lower fuel consumption, can produce a considerable saving in overall feed costs,” says Kelvin Cave Ltd.

The kit in use is now available in the UK, with the launch of the KC SilaPactor. It’s 3m wide and weighs 4,000kg with 11 individual roller rings, can increase dry matter compaction density by up to 40% when compared to conventional tractor rolling and it saves time and fuek when filling  the clamp, adds the company.  Compacting efficiently across its full 3m width results in lower fuel consumption and less time needed to compact a clamp.

The SilaPactor costs from £6,750 and will be on display on Stand No. R52 Avenue A at LAMMA 2012, on January 18th-19th  at Newark, Notts, or contact Kelvin Cave Ltd on 01458 252281.


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