Inspirational Winner of Kirby Cup

Inspirational Winner of Kirby Cup

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mrs. Trees Fewster, a longstanding member and current secretary of South Yorkshire Grassland Society has been awarded the Kirby Cup in recognition of her contribution to the society and it’s wider aims.

The Kirby Cup was first presented in 1955 in memory of Mr Kirby, a Grassland Society founder member. Mr Kirby, a MAFF/ADAS adviser, was very keen on developing silage making and home-grown forage utilisation.

Due to the foot and mouth outbreak in 2000 the competing farms could not be judged and the competition was cancelled, but revived again in 2009.

The cup is awarded for various reasons in rotation:

  • Personality, someone who has been an inspiring member for the Grassland Society
  • An efficient dairy farmer with good grassland management
  • An efficient beef/sheep farmer with good grassland management

This year the Cup was presented to the personality who has been most active in inspiring and promoting their local Grassland Society.  The four regional Yorkshire Grassland Societies each nominated their most inspiring member. 

The words of Charles Platts, Vice-Chairman of the South Yorkshire Grassland Society sum-up her inspiration contribution:

“On behalf of our committee, I would like to propose the South Yorkshire Grassland Society nominee for the 2014 Kirby Cup as Mrs Trees Fewster.

Along with her husband, Malcolm, and son Malcolm Edward, they farm at Listing Mill Farm, Gomersal.

Malcolm sr. is currently our President, therefore it falls to me as vice chairman to submit this nomination on behalf of the committee.

Mrs. Fewster, well known to many simply as Trees has an association with our society going back over 40 years, since she became involved after marrying Malcolm and coming to West Yorkshire from Holland. As keen grassland enthusiasts, the Fewsters have over many years developed an extensive grazing system for their herd of 100 New Zealand type Friesian and Jersey cross bred cows. They block calve the cows in the spring, and manage to graze for 10 months of the year. Clover is used in grass leys, and kale is grown to extend the grazing season.

The Fewsters have recently won the Family Run Farm of the Year at the 2014 Northern Farming Awards.

Trees first official role within our group was in 1999 when she took on the role of secretary from Ian Gillies. This she ably did for the next 10 years. Trees has also been treasurer for several years. After joining the committee in 2011, she became chairman, and is now currently also secretary again. Within that time, she has enthusiastically coordinated speakers for winter meetings, organised the annual dinner dances and arranged the visits for the annual summer trips.

She is very committed to increasing the membership, and each year we aim to send two young people to the BGS Summer Trip to broaden their horizons and promote the benefits of the society. She has written many articles in the press to advertise meetings and events. She brought to our attention the existence of the Kirby Cup when it was being revived, our former secretary Ian Gillies being a worthy recipient.

I truly believe her efforts have kept our club going through some tough times.”

The British Grassland Society wishes to extend congratulations to Mrs. Fewster, and above all thanks her for the many years of passion and hard work in promoting the wider aims of the Society and supporting local activity that she has contributed.



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