Name change for British Seed Houses

Name change for British Seed Houses

Thursday, December 5, 2013

As of Monday 2nd December, British Seed Houses have a new name, becoming Germinal Seeds GB.

The change of name is being made to clarify the company's position within the Germinal Holdings group and to maintain consistency with other Germinal companies across the world.

Germinal Holdings interests now extend beyond the British Isles, with seed production, research and development and sales now taking place across Europe and as far afield as New Zealand.

The majority of grass seed production will continue to be based in Britain as it offers major advantages in quality control. 

There will be no impact on BSH (now Germinal Seeds GB) services to customers and your contact at the company will remain the same.

The new website addresses from 2nd December will be (agriculture) and (amenity). To contact any staff the email address is and you can follow tweets via @germinalseedsgb.


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