National forage seed website launched

National forage seed website launched

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A new seed sales website which specialises in the retail of grass and root crop seeds direct to farmers right across the UK has been launched by West Midlands and Wales agricultural retailer Wynnstay.

The new service,, features a range of grass mixtures from high yielding, short-term silage leys to longer-term, palatable grazing blends, as well as a wide selection of herbage seeds and root crops for winter grazing, explains Wynnstay's Adam Simper.

"The success and popularity of our range puts the company's seed sales division amongst the top five retailers of grass seed mixtures in the UK.  The new website will make our mixtures and root seeds available for next day delivery throughout the UK."

Adam believes Wynnstay's seed range offers important advantages to farmers with most seed used in its bespoke mixtures grown under contract in Shropshire and Herefordshire, whereas most grass seed companies import the majority of their seed, he says. "By using locally grown seed, we support British growers and can closely scrutinise the quality of each batch of seed as it is produced."

And, by remaining independent, Wynnstay is able to source its grass varieties from all of the major seed breeders, he adds. The company has its own cleaning, mixing and packaging facility. 

Wynnstay is also a supporter of the Recommended Lists of Grass and Clovers.

See or call the Wynnstay National Seed Sales Hotline on 0800 116 4656


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