New Fertiliser Manual (RB209) now available from Defra

New Fertiliser Manual (RB209) now available from Defra

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The long-awaited 8th Edition of the Fertilser Manual - known as RB209 is now available to download from  Printed versions can be ordered but are not yet available.

Significant changes to the Grassland Section have delayed the publication of the full document for many months. This now focuses on applying N to achieve an optimum yield of grass depending on site class, stocking rate, production requirement and the weather. 

"The new recommendations enable farmers who may be operating at widely different stocking rates and feeding different levels of concentrates to obtain relevant recommendations for whole season total nitrogen requirement," says the new manual.

 The changes to the Grassland section are summarised by Defra as:

  • For grassland the amounts are based on a new systems based approach which helps

determine the levels of fertiliser required to produce the grass needed in different

farming systems at varying levels of intensity. This approach recognises that for many

situations fertiliser application rates for grassland need not be based solely on the

on-farm economic optimum. The grassland chapter in this Manual lists the main

differences between the new approach and the grassland chapter in the 7th edition

of RB209.

 The organic manures section has also been significantly updated and there is more on the principles of fertiliser use and nutrient management.

Remember to be able to prove good cross compliance its essential for all farms to have a current copy of this available when the inspector visits.

The new recommendations for grassland apply to England and Wales only, all other recommendations apply to England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Members of south west england Grassland Societies who wish to register for next week's (June 22-23) three sessions at the BGS Nutrient Wise Demo site near Crediton in Devon, where applying the new recommendations will be discussed, should phone the BGS office before Friday for details and to book a place.   


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