New fodder beet variety’s rhizomania resistance will protect yields,

New fodder beet variety’s rhizomania resistance will protect yields,

Thursday, February 12, 2009

In areas where rhizomania is a problem for beet crops, livestock farmers can grow a fodder beet variety which is resistant to the disease and its yield-stunting effects, with the introduction of Ribondo, says Limagrain UK (formerly Advanta Seeds).

Ribondo is said to be a high dry matter type of fodder beet with a DM content of 19-23%. It offers large upright leaves for ease of harvesting which, with 65-70% of the root in the ground, can be carried out by a sugar beet harvester or leaf lifting equipment. Ribondo is already grown commercially in Belgium and Holland, where rhizomania resistance is an important attribute.

Rhizomania is a soil-borne fungus which causes significant reductions in root DM yields of beet crops, and has been a major disease for sugar beet growers. At present the disease is predominantly found in the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, however it can also be found in other parts of East Anglia, Lincolnshire and the West Midlands, says Limagrain.

For more information on Ribondo, and a factsheet on rhizomania and its control, farmers can call Limagrain UK on tel: 019522 861300 or visit


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