New Resource for Sheep Lameness

New Resource for Sheep Lameness

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The new on-line educational resource at how to build flock resilience to the infectious causes of lameness and the steps needed to reduce the disease challenge on farm. It also incorporates animations highlighting how infectious lameness spreads, as well as video material showing how to vaccinate sheep correctly in order to establish immunity for the future.

 Farmers visiting the website can also access the University of Reading footrot cost calculator model to see how much the disease is costing the flock, as well as download a copy of the MSD Animal Health Lameness Control Planning tool. This highly practical walkthrough offers a simple, yet visual ‘where are you now’ method of identifying whether a lameness management protocol is unbalanced in any way. The tool scores current farm practice within each of the five points that must work synergistically to deliver the sheep lameness reduction plan: culling; treatment; quarantine; avoidance and vaccination.

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