New Silage Baling Machinery for 2010

New Silage Baling Machinery for 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

Round bale wrappers added to product range

New Lely Attis trailed round bale wrappers have been added to the range for 2010, says Lely UK.

The Lely AttisĀ  PT 130 wrapper is the simplest model in the new trailed range and has been developed for small and medium sized farms who want to wrap their bales at a modest price, says the company. And for high volume farmers and contractors who will appreciate the rugged construction and its ability to cope with different bale diameter sizes with easy adjustments there is the Lely Attis PS 160, it adds.

Lely says this new product range addition to the Lely Tigo loader wagons and Lely Welger Tornado baler/wrapper combination recently launched strengthens its position in the fodder harvesting sector.

Updated baler range for 2010

Farmers and contractors looking for higher density bales and increased versatility should take a look at John Deere's round baler range which has been completely updated and renumbered for the 2010.

There are now eight basic models, with a range of pick-up and feeding systems, extra options and new features. The new model line up includes the 623 and 644 fixed chamber balers, the 842, 852, 862, 854 and 864 variable chamber balers, and the 744 wrapping baler, which is based on the 644 fixed chamber model.

Both 623 models are available in either Silage Special or MultiCrop versions, says John Deere. The MultiCrop option is said to be suitable for those who wish to bale silage and hay with a fixed chamber baler, but also want good performance in straw. The front part of the bale chamber on this hybrid model retains seven robust rollers, but the rear door replaces the other rollers with a conveyor, designed to provide improved bale rotation in slick materials such as straw.

Depending on model and specification, there is a choice of three pick-up types for different baling conditions. The HiFlow pick-up is available in widths of 2 and 2.2m, for high baling capacity especially in dry crops. The 2 or 2.2m RotoFlow pick-up features a large diameter, high rpm rotor for increased performance, and a new drop-floor unplugging system; and the 2 or 2.2m MaxiCut pick-up offers either 14 or 25 precutter knives for greater flexibility.

All the rotor feed models feature the new drop-floor device operated from the cab, which should prevent blockages caused by the build-up of crop material. All the balers in the range also include a new knife design with an improved position for increased quality of cut and productivity. Variable chamber models incorporate an adjustable starter roll position for greater versatility, while all the balers feature increased gearbox capacity and bigger chains, also for higher productivity.

All four Premium machines can be equipped as standard with the new 2.2m Maxicut 25-knife precutter pick-up. This fine chop pick-up allows four different cutting length adjustments from 40 to 140mm, or the knives can be removed from work for maximum versatility. To extend working time when a fine chop is not required, it is also possible to run with effectively a half set of knives, by simply retracting 12 or 13 knives, sayd John Deere.

The 744 wrapping baler is now ISO-Bus certified and features as standard the new CAN-Bus VTI 1300 display. This Virtual Terminal Implement system replaces the previous combination of a BaleTrak Plus monitor and a GreenStar display unit in the tractor cab.

This is designed to be easier to operate, with more functionality, and offers an automatic greasing system option that enables the operator to adjust the baler lubrication process from the tractor cab. Bale diameter on the 744 is adjustable between 1.25m, 1.3m and 1.35m for additional versatility in all crop conditions. The baler can also load up to 12 rolls of film for longer working days.

The 644 fixed chamber baler, on which the 744 wrapping baler is based, is a heavy-duty machine delivering high-density bales for intensive silage operations. The netwrapping system features storage capacity for three net rolls, including CoverEdge.

The 854 and 864 variable chamber balers produce up to 15% higher density bales of up to 1.55m or 1.8m diameter in all crops, from straw to silage, by utilising larger diameter tensioning cylinders and redesigned tension arms, claims the company.


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