Nutrient Wise Demonstrations Autumn Programme

Nutrient Wise Demonstrations Autumn Programme

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

As the Nutrient Wise Demonstration series is coming into its final year, this season we have decided to set up demonstration plots around the South West to look at specific questions that have been raised at events held at the main demonstration site in Devon over the past 3 years. 

Events are being planned for the Autumn / Winter of 2012.  All events are FREE to attend and are in the most part practical farm based workshops. 

Most of the events are registered for collection of BASIS points.  For more details or to register to attend any of the events please contact Briony Burge on 01363 776162 or

If SW Regional Grassland Society's would like to include a Nutrient Wise Speaker in their winter programmes please contact either Briony or Lois

More details about the events being held under the Nutrient Wise Demonstration (NWD) programme are available, please check the Events pages.


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