Organic forage seeds range widens

Organic forage seeds range widens

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Organic seed is now available for a more forage crop varieties from Limagain UK, including Dynamo stubble turnip, Lomond swede and Magnus forage pea, plus a wider range of organic ley mixtures.

"Dynamo is a fast growing palatable stubble turnip ready to graze within 12 - 14 weeks from sowing, with good root anchorage and reduced grazing wastage," says Limagrain's Martin Titley.

"A very good swede variety for organic systems is Lomond, as it has both powdery mildew and club root resistance. Trials show it suffers less from rots and splits in its root. Its excellent flavour and colour make it ideal for culinary use as well as feeding livestock.

"An organic home-grown protein crop can be achieved with Magnus forage pea. This is very fast growing and can be harvested 13 -14 weeks from sowing. It produces a semi-leafless crop which is self-supporting, reducing the damaging effect of lodging, often seen in traditional full-leaved varieties."

Other organic crops in the range include: lucerne, arable silage mixtures, and green manure crops such as mustard, phacelia, and red clover. A free booklet with information on the whole range of organic mixtures and varieties is available by calling Limagrain UK on 01522 861300 or email 



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