Pasture to Profit 2012

Pasture to Profit 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pasture to Profit 2012 conference with BGS and LIC was held on the 8th of November in Worcester. The event was a sell out with dairy farmers from all over coming to hear the speakers.

The speakers discussed the business side of dairying (David Chin-Using Information and Acting on it; Karolina Klaskova-Milk Bench: the First Step; and Richard Barnett- Business Health Check), dealing with animal health problems with specialist speakers from New Zealand (Scott McDougall and Adrian Joe) along with Les Porter discussing trace elements. And the highlight of the event, was hearing from the Prospect Farming Manager-Pasture to Profit Competition Winner 2011 Nick Haines and his employers Neil Grigg and Tom Foot talking about their incredible journey and dairy farm using mobile milking, followed by Dan Lovatt with a fantastic talk on his pathway in UK dairying. The event was closed by Nigel Evans talk on the UK Dairy Industry Challenges and Opportunities. This was a very honest and direct talk focused on the farmers in the room reminding them it is up to them collectively to make the UK dairy industry a success.

All the speakers focused on the important topic of Profit. In a time when a lot of farmers are relying on subsidies to break even, these speakers all focused on making a profit and where to look for it. The most important take home message from the event was a farm needs to be run like a business, not a farm. All our farmer speakers were examples of fantastic business people running successful enterprises that just happened to be farms and were using pasture to get there.

A special thank you to LIC for working with us to organise such a fantastic event.

For more on the event see our next Grass and Forage Farmer due out 7th of December


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