RABDF Antibiotic Survey

RABDF Antibiotic Survey

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF) is becoming increasingly concerned by the emergence of bacteria in farm animals that have become resistant to antibiotics, making it more difficult to treat the infections they cause and posing a threat not only to animals but also to human life. 

To help researchers better understand antibiotic use on farm, the RABDF, in conjunction with the School of Veterinary Sciences at the University of Bristol, is conducting a survey of dairy, beef and sheep farmers, and would be grateful if you would spend a few moments of your time completing the following questionnaire before Monday 12th September by clicking on https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/antibioticuseonfarm 

Please note that all individual responses will be kept confidential, and the data you submit will be collected by RABDF and processed in accordance with the requirements of the 1998 Data Protection Act. The data will be made available to researchers at the University of Bristol, and reproduced in research articles but only in anonymised* reports. RABDF will not pass your contact details or data on to third parties. 

We would greatly appreciate your assistance with completing this important survey in the interests of the UK dairy and livestock industry. 


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