Request to help the Environment Agency

Request to help the Environment Agency

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Environment Agency have recently began a project to design and deliver a tool to display local environmental information for farmers, and those who influence them.

The project aims to provide a new digital service that better meets the need of the farming community in relation to Water Quality.

The Environment Agency wish to set up a group of potential users to contribute to the project.

How would potential users be involved?

The Environment Agency's business analyst would like to have an informal 30 minute conversation with volunteers over the next 2 weeks. This would be followed by a 2 hour workshop in a central location in the first half of July.

They would like potential users to be as diverse as possible with farmers reflecting different farming types (arable, livestock, dairy, mixed, upland, horticulture) and farm size. And those who influence farmers to include agronomists, feed advisers, land agents, assurance scheme auditors etc.

Anyone interested in participating should contact as soon as possible


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