Reseeding Day Success

Reseeding Day Success

Friday, April 23, 2010

250 visitors to the Reseeding Day at NIAB's Harper Adams site heard 5 speakers on their tour.  Their discussions covered:

Stop 1

Do you need to reseed?

Chris Duller, DairyCo

  • Assessing pasture for yield and quality to decide when to reseed
  • Reasons for reseeding, renovating or improving swards
  • Options for improvement - including soil management and chemistry
  • What are the economics of reseeding?

Stop 2

Choosing the best reseeding method 

Paul Robinson, Kingshay

  • Indicators of soil structure issues and tips for addressing them
  • Ensuring compaction is dealt with when reseeding and in existing swards
  • To plough or not to plough when reseeding
  • Other cultivation methods, direct drilling, discing
  • Overseeding - when its appropriate and making it work

Stop 3

The right species and varieties for you 

Charlie Morgan, Independent Consultant

  • Why perennial ryegrass is most commonly sown and what other species offer
  • Clovers: why use them and when to go for red or white
  • Why we sow mixtures of varieties
  • Selecting varieties that suit your needs
  • Making a quality choice' - from choosing a merchant to designing a bespoke mix

Stop 4

Maximising the benefits of weed control in grass and forage crops  

James Clarke, ADAS

  • Why losing some herbicides could cost farmers an extra £180/ha
  • Correct use to ensure continued availability of herbicides
  • What can be done to prevent increased costs to farmers
  • How to reduce pesticide requirements through good management
  • How to keep pesticides out of water

Stop 5

Recommended Grass and Clover List (RGCL) trial plots 

Matthew Rose and Peter Burgess, NIAB  

  • What traits are tested for this scheme
  • Why we provide information on individual varieties and not mixtures
  • The economic returns on certain traits such as persistency
  • What range of difference can be seen within the RGCL varieties
  • How much better are RGCL varieties than the 95% that don't make it

 The event was organised by BGS, EBLEX, DairyCo, HCC, BSPB and NIAB.



To gain a free copy of the Recommended Grass and Clover lists please call the office on 02476 696 600 or order from the online shop. 


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