Scotland Grassland Society - Silage Competition

Scotland Grassland Society - Silage Competition

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This year's four finalists for the Scotland Grassland Societies' Silage Trophy were;

Chapelford, Buckle (North of Scotland Grassland Society)

Kirklands, Dunsyre (Central Scotland Grassland Society)

Nether Pratis, Leven (East of Scotland Grassland Society)

Towne Nd, Craigie (South West Scotland Grassland Society).

All the farms were dairy units with beef production interests and each finalist had won their local grassland society silage competition.

The event is coordinated by the British Grassland Society representative in Scotland, Andy Best of Watsons Seeds, Castle Douglas, along with the support from the four local society secretaries and from the SAC.  The judge, Dr Ron Harkess, formerly of SAC, commented that silage quality was particularly good on one unit, but overall, it was down on last year.

The finalists scored well on efficient feeding systems and in the handling and use of silage effluent.  The need for good consolidation and adequate sheeting was practiced at all farms and only one unit had not used an additive to aid fermentation.  In addition to concentrates, silage was supplemented on the different units with straw, alkalage, whole crop silage, fodder beet and an ethanol production by-product.

Points awarded are based on the analysis of the silage (35 points) and the on farm inspection and assessment of the system (65 points).  The results were;

Chapelford 74 (23 + 51)

Kirkland 71 (24 + 47)

Nether Pratis 70 (22 + 48)

Townend 76 (30 + 46).

Congratulations to John Drummond, Townend, who wins the Silver Trophy and to John Shand, Chapelford, the runner up.  Well done too to the Kerrs of Kirklands and the Lyles of Nether Pratis.  At this level of competition, each of the entries is worthy of merit and the closeness of the marks indicates just how competitive it is.



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