Seed mixtures for CFE and ELS schemes

Seed mixtures for CFE and ELS schemes

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A range of seed mixtures appropriate to meet the voluntary requirements of the CFE [Campaign for the Farmed Environment] and/or ELS [Entry Level Stewardship] Schemes can now be found in a new catalogue from Limagrain UK.

The 16-page colour catalogue entitled 'Enhancing the Countryside' includes more than 20 seed mixtures, categorised according to their suitability for use as wild bird seed mixtures, grass buffers, pollen and nectar providers, or catch crops for resource protection. A selection chart identifies which are eligible under the different schemes, says Limagrain UK.

Amongst the wild bird seed options is a new mixture called Bird Feeder which is eligible for use both in ELS Schemes and CFE voluntary measures, adds the company. The mixture consists of seven different small-seed bearing crops including kale, millets and sunflower, and so has a wide spread of seed shedding dates, making it an ideal feed source for wild birds.

As an autumn-sown choice of a wild bird seed mixture, Magnet provides excellent cover for birds rearing their broods in the spring, says Limagrain UK. It contains triticale, fodder radish, phacelia and winter linseed. The phacelia is also said to be a good insect attractant in the spring, as well as making an attractive purple cover.

A free copy of the catalogue can be obtained by calling Limagrain UK on 01522 861300 or downloading a pdf from


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