Several Grant Schemes Currently Open

Several Grant Schemes Currently Open

Thursday, March 12, 2015

There are currently several grant schemes funded by pillar 2 of the CAP open for applications. Not all farmers will be eligible for every grant scheme, but don’t miss your opportunity if it offers help towards a feature that will benefit your business. Farmers must have registered for the BPS before being able to apply:

  • Water Capital Grants – Only available for those in a Catchment Sensitive Farming target Area. Must be in consultation with a local Catchment Sensitive Farming Officer. Maximum £10,000. Deadline 30th April.

  • Woodland Capital Grants

    • Woodland Creation – New woodland over 3 ha, in blocks of at least 0.5 ha each, unless the proposal is for water protection or flood risk when a total of 1 ha is required. Maximum £6,800 per ha and £200 per ha for 10 years maintenance. Deadline 30th April.

    • Woodland Management Plans – If you have over 3 ha of woodland and don’t already have a management plan. At least 80% of the woodland included must be more than 10 years old. Open from 17th Feb 2015.

    • Woodland tree health replanting – Available to those under Statutory Plant health notice or where ash within the English Woodland Grant Scheme has been felled due to Chalara fraxinea.

  • Countryside Productivity Scheme – Similar to FFIS under the old programme, these grants will cover up to 40% of the actual costs of investments within the area listed below. Deadline 1st June 2015.

Investment in:

Type of grant:

Who can claim:

Animal productivity, health and welfare


Cattle, sheep or pig farmers

Arable and horticultural productivity

LED lights with wavelength control

Arable and horticultural farmers


Controlled atmosphere storage areas for fruit and vegetables

Arable and horticultural farmers


Remote crop sensors

Arable and horticultural farmers


Crop robotics

Arable and horticultural farmers

Forestry productivity

Woodland harvesting, extraction and small-scale processing

Private woodland owners, small or medium-sized forestry contractors

Resource management

Slurry application systems



Air scrubbers and heat exchangers

Non-intensive pig or poultry farmers


LED lighting in livestock housing

Non-intensive pig, poultry or dairy farmers


Improving water management

Farmers or groups of farmers


Poultry litter drying systems

Poultry farmers


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