Soil Compaction, Controlled Trafficking and Making the Most of Grazing

Soil Compaction, Controlled Trafficking and Making the Most of Grazing

Monday, June 9, 2014

 DairyCo and BGS would like to take this opportunity to invite you to a joint Demonstration Farm Walk on the farm of Mr Joe Dugdale and family.

Date:   26 June 2014
Time:   10.30 – 14.00
Venue:  Corps House Farm, Crathorne Farms, Crathorne, Yarm TS15 0AA

Joe and his team currently manage a 400 cow, autumn block calving herd of New Zealand Holsteins. Fresh grass is an important component of the diet and Joe is seeking to maximise profit through better utilisation of grass in the early spring, improved soil management and better resource use efficiency.

The farm is currently part of an on-going demonstration project* with DairyCo, BGS and SRUC and on the day there will be the opportunity to hear about:

  • Alleviating soil compaction

    Corps House Farm is located on clay loam soils which are prone to compaction. In line with research undertaken at SRUC and HAU, the farm is trialling slit and sward lifting aeration techniques to remediate areas of compaction and assessing their impact on grass yield.

  • Employing controlled traffic in grasslands

    With an estimated 85-90% of the field trafficked every year, tractor traffic can have a significant impact on soil structure and potentially crop yields. Yorkshire farmer, Andrew Mansfield will give an overview of his experience of controlled traffic farming and its potential applications in grassland.

  • Making the most of grazing

    This year the farm has managed to achieve turnout three weeks earlier than the normal practice, resulting in significant feed cost savings.

    The meeting is a free event and lunch will be provided. To register please contact Tony Hoile by phone or by texting’ DEMO’ and the number of attendees to 07500 578583. Alternatively you can email


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