Storing silage bales carefully worthwhile

Storing silage bales carefully worthwhile

Monday, August 3, 2009

Silage spoilage is often caused by poorly stored bales, warns Graham Robson, European Technical Manager of Tama UAT Ltd.

"Wrapped bales should be stacked on their ends, allowing the maximum layers of film to be in contact with the ground for added protection and eliminating the possibility of bales becoming mis-shaped by further stacking on top," he advises.

In particular, he adds, low dry matter bales should never be stacked more than one high - this will avoid the seal on the film overlap opening through the constant heavy pressure exerted on them from bales on top.

Mr Robson also reckons that storing bales away from trees will help avoid bird damage.  "Never leave wrapped bales out in the field for extended periods after wrapping as this too could encourage bird damage. For full protection, cover the bale stack with a special net, such as Novatex Silage Net which is a close-weave raffia type net on a roll, with the net suspended off the bales' surface by old tyres (or similar) and weighted down at the floor."


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