Warm conditions encourage dock growth

Warm conditions encourage dock growth

Monday, April 2, 2012

 Higher than normal temperatures and sunshine of the past week has been ideal for docks and they have been taking advantage of this and springing into active growth in silage leys across the UK.

 “Docks roots can extend down into the soil many metres and reach water that grass roots can’t, giving them a head start”, explains David Roberts, grassland specialist with Dow AgroSciences.

 “Where a dock grows, grass doesn’t – so a 10% infestation will reduce grass yield by a corresponding amount.

 Where docks are present in fields shut up for silage, a broad-acre spray using a translocated herbicide containing triclopyr like Doxstar, which is completely safe to grass, applied at least three weeks before cutting will be cost-effective.

 Spraying when the new dock growth is ‘dinner-plate’ size will achieve the best results.”


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