What's up in the Uplands?

What's up in the Uplands?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

What can be done to ensure the viability of upland farms so that they can continue to produce quality, sustainable food while delivering ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, flood regulation and maintaining biodiversity?

Upland farmers today face pressures including changing markets, policies, climate and environmental regulation. What should they be aware of ecologically and economically? What current practices could be reviewed and altered to address the pressures? How can farmers take advantage of the opportunities presented by new schemes of payment for ecosystem services?

ATP Pasture are running a Upland Systems training workshop in Buxton on the 11th and 12th Sept 2014.

The workshop will explore the environmental, social and economic viability of alternative upland farming systems in the UK, including soil management, moorlands, natural and cultivated grasslands, sheep and cattle, drainage, burning and overgrazing.

There will also be a visit to a LEAF certified farm

Speakers: Professor Mark Reed (Birmingham City University), Dr Phil Hollington, Dr Dave Styles

More at: http://www.atp-pasture.org.uk/en/


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