Yukon maize promises high starch

Yukon maize promises high starch

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Seed from the maize variety Yukon that promises silage which is vey high in starch is being made available for the first time, says Limagrain's Tim Richmond.

Yukon is capable of delivering over 6t/ha of starch yield, he adds. "Where both a high starch content and earliness are required, then Yukon is a very good choice. Across three years of LG trials, Yukon has been the highest yielding for starch. It is predicted to be a maturity class 10."

In the combined results from three years of LG and NIAB trials, Yukon has averaged a DM yield of 16.6t/ha, starch yield of 6.2t/ha, and ME of 11.4 MJ/kg DM, to give 190,196 MJ/ha of ME, says Tim.

Yukon has undergone two years of National Lists trials and has now been submitted into the first year of NIAB recommended list trials. It should appear on the NIAB List in 2013, where Tim predicts it will have one of the highest starch contents of all varieties listed.

"Yukon looks impressive in the field and demonstrates very good early vigour. Maize growers can profit from its superior starch yield in advance of listing, as a limited quantity of seed is available this year, from selected seed merchants."

For further information and to find merchants with seed available contact Tim Richmond, Limagrain UK, on 01472 371471.


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