Grassland Farmer Competition

Grassland Farmer Competition

'BGS Grassland Farmer of the Year' Competition

Congratulations to our 2018 Winner: Richard Rogers, Tre Ifan Farm, Anglesey (dairy).

A list of previous winners, finalists and regional winners can be viewed here.

What is the competition all about?

The 'BGS Grassland Farmer of the Year' competition superseded the 'National Grassland Management Competition' in 2013.

It is designed to award the 'best' grassland farmer in the country; a farmer who demonstrates overall excellence in grassland management and is a successful contributor towards profitable and sustainable farming practices.  

The competition examines the farmer's approach to the following areas:

  • Grassland & Forage Policy - nutrient management, non-grass forages, weed control, re-seeding policy
  • Grazing & Forage Management - production from forage: grazing system/silage system, forage budgeting and forage quality, grass measurements and forage analysis, integration of grazing/ silage, stocking rate
  • Livestock Production & Welfare - production data, balance of bought-in feeds, replacement policy, welfare of livestock 
  • Environmental Issues - manure management, environmental management, soil resource management
  • Overall Impression - for example: use of resources, business sustainability/resilience
Download the full scoring criteria matrix here

What do I win?

The winner of this prestigious competition will receive a trophy and a cheque for £500. 

You will also be invited, with a guest, to our annual awards evening.

Competition Sponsorship

The British Grassland Society is indebted to Germinal, Nufarm and Yara for generously sponsoring this competition.

How can I enter?

The competition is open to all full BGS members and local society members.  The entrant can be based anywhere in the UK, providing they go through the correct application procedure (detailed below).

  • The first stage of the competition requires the local society to judge and put forward the winning farmer from their society for regional judging. The winner must complete Sections A and B of the entry form (click here to view the form). Full BGS members can also enter at this stage by completing Sections A and B of the entry form.
  • The Regional Council Member (click here for full list) will arrange to judge each of the local society winners within their region (this may only be one) and any full BGS members from their region who have entered.  The regional winner is then put forward for national judging and must complete the entry form in full (click here to view the form).
  • There can be a maximum of seven regional entrants, which may vary year to year. The three national judges, plus the previous year’s winner will individually review each entrant based on their entry form.
  • The judges will hold a teleconference to evaluate and agree on the final three which they will visit.  Only at this stage will the national judges visit the farms. 

If you reach the final three of the competition you will not be allowed to enter the competition in the following year.

When will judging and the awards ceremony take place?

Dates for 2019

Local entries submitted to BGS and notified to Regional Council Member
Friday 14th June
Regional Council Members to notify BGS of regional winner
Friday 12th July
Deadline for regional winners full entry forms
Monday 22nd July
National judges select the three finalists
Tuesday 30th July
National judges visit finalists farms
Mon 19th – Tues 20th August

Local societies in Wales must use the forms and deadlines set out by the Federation of Welsh Grassland Societies (FWGS) to find their local winners and Wales regional winner.

The awards evening will be held in October.  More details will be provided nearer the time. 

Details of the Winner's Farm Walk will be announced shortly.

Who are the sponsors and judges?

The British Grassland Society is indebted to Germinal, Nufarm and Yara for generously sponsoring this competition. Each sponsor organisation provides a judge for the competition to work alongside a head judge and the previous year’s competition winner. Let’s meet our competition sponsors and judges!

Helen Mathieu (Germinal)

Brent Gibbon (Nufarm)

Philip Cosgrave (Yara)

Steve Brandon (Head Judge)
BGS are delighted to announce that Steve Brandon will be the head judge of the competition for the third year in 2019. Steve is a dairy farmer from Staffordshire and former competition winner.

On stepping into the role Steve said, "I am pleased and honoured to have been asked and very much looking forward to judging the competition".

Richard Rogers (2018 winner)





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