SRUC Sustainable Grassland Research

SRUC Sustainable Grassland Research

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

SRUC Sustainable Grasslands Research

Lorna Cole, a researcher at SRUC working on sustainable agricultural systems, has established two online ‘post-it’ boards aimed at seeking ideas on improving the sustainability of intensive grassland systems. 
The following information is from Lorna.

SRUC recognises the need for agricultural policy to work for the people on the ground. To try and shape policy we are therefore seeking ideas from a range of intensive grassland farmers.  We are looking for farmers to share ideas ways of improving the sustainability of grassland systems. We want to know both tried and tested methods and innovative and crazy ideas. To help share ideas we have created two online post-it boards. 

•           The first board seeks ideas on management actions that could be undertaken that improve the sustainability of grassland farms.

•           Our second board seeks potential means of monitoring changes in sustainability.

The boards have been created on Padlet which is easy to use and requires no sign-up. If you have a Gmail account, Microsoft or Apple account Padlet can be logged in via these accounts and your name attributed to your posts. Alternatively you can type your name at the bottom of each idea. If you wish to contribute anonymously please feel free to do simply by ensuring that Padlet is not linked to the above accounts. To contribute an idea simply press the + sign at the bottom of the appropriate column (see photo below).  Ideas that you have already contributed can be edited by pressing the three dots at the top right hand corner of your post (see photo below). If anyone wishes any further information on the project please don’t hesitate to get in touch (email:


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