Webinar 2 - How can policy facilitate locking C in grasslands?

Webinar 2 - How can policy facilitate locking C in grasslands?

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

BSAS/ BGS / Stapledon Memorial Trust

How can policy facilitate locking C in grasslands?

2nd July 2020
18:00 - 19:00 BST
Convenor: Prof Margaret Gill, Stapledon Memorial Trust

Policy will be crucial in ensuring that the potential for locking carbon into grasslands is delivered. Land managers run businesses and action on carbon will require a conducive financial environment. This webinar, the second in our grasslands series addresses ‘How can policy facilitate locking c in grasslands’, and will explore the interface between science and policy starting with a short summary of the talks and discussions from the first webinar on the science of Locking in C with Grasslands, followed by three presentations from scientists who advise policy makers.


Speaker: Dr Rebecca Heaton
Rebecca Heaton is responsible for Drax Group’s efforts to mitigate climate change, ensuring that sound science underpins climate change polices and business strategy. She is also responsible for developing sustainability and climate change research programmes. She has a 20-year global career working at the interface between business, science and policy. After an early career in academia, she has held senior roles in a number of large energy companies. A Chartered Forester, her expertise spans: energy, climate change and land-use and the role business has to play in enabling the UK to decarbonise.

Speaker: Paul Muto – Natural England
Paul Muto works as a Senior Specialist in grassland agronomy for Natural England.  His recent work has focussed on monitoring the “Legume and herb-rich ley” agri-environment option and investigating biodiverse leys with the Institute of Grassland Science at the University of Göttingen.  A strong advocate of agro-ecological approaches to sustainable agriculture, Paul has been involved in organic agriculture, grazing systems management and agroforestry.  When not at work, he can be found in his allotment or trying to catch a fish somewhere

Speaker: Jorgen Olesen - Aarhus University
Jørgen E. Olesen is professor in agriculture and climate change and since 2020 head of department at Aarhus University, Department of Agroecology. He has a wide research experience on the interaction between agricultural (and agroecosystem) activities and the environment and climate. He has contributed in expert panels of the EU, The World Bank and FAO, and he has for many years advised the Danish government on agriculture and climate. He has also contributed as leading author to IPCC assessment reports. He is currently member of the FACCE Scientific Advisory Board. He has for 2018 and 2019 been awarded highly cited researcher by Web of Science.

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