Webinar - Locking in C with Grasslands

Webinar - Locking in C with Grasslands

Monday, June 1, 2020

BSAS/ BGS / Stapledon Memorial Trust

Locking in C with Grasslands
25th June 2020
18:00 - 19:00 BST
Convenor: Pro Michael Lee, BSAS Global

Introduction and Aims. ‘Locking in C with Grasslands’ is a two-part series of webinars dealing with the science and policy potential of grassland to capture and store C as part of agriculture’s road map to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions. The first webinar, aimed at researchers, will concentrate on the science behind and the potential of soil, pasture and on-farm woodland to increase C storage potential and improve efficiency (reduce emissions).

Soil: The view of soil as a living system will be advanced through emphasising the vital role C and organic matter has in defining soil health to improve assimilatory processes which will increase conversion of nutrients into biomass and decrease loss to the environment.

Pasture: Examine how pasture composition, grazing management and multifunctionality in swards can improve net efficiency of herbage growth and the return C to the soil, combining with the role of pasture composition for increasing efficiency of nutrient utilization for growth and lactation.

Woodland on farm: Woodland vegetation at different levels is a component of all grassland farms whether through hedge row and field margin trees, set aside woodland or agro-forestry. The potential of integrated livestock-woodland systems to capture C will be examined as a vital component of net zero through integration of woodland into their systems.

Followed by:
How can policy facilitate locking C in grasslands?
Convenor: Prof Margaret Gill, Stapledon Trust
2nd July 2020   18:00 - 19:00 BST

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